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Redes sociales Estilo de vida
Desarrollador Rashid Al Ahmedi

Introducing wanaCHAT...

The new Instant Messaging application for individuals that need just a little more from their chat client. Well, with wanaCHAT you get more...much more.

Share Events

wanaCHAT was designed with the busy lifestyle in mind. This is why wanaCHAT comes with a built-in calendaring tool that not only allows quick and easy meeting setups, but seamlessly integrates with the calendar on your device too! This also means that your Google Calendar stays up to date so no matter where you are, your meetings are synchronized thanks to wanaCHAT!

Chat Privately

Of course you still get all the other great features that youre used to like instant messaging, media file transfer, location sharing, broadcast messaging and easily favourite your most treasured messages from a special someone.

Conversations occur in one of three ways - one on one, group chat or broadcast messages.
Received a message from someone you don’t know? You choose whether to ignore, block, or accept it. Chats can only take place once a request has been accepted so you control who you wanaCHAT with.

Group Chats

wanaCHAT was built with security and privacy in mind. With group chat you now have the ability to assign user permissions to control who and how people can share content. There are three permission levels:

This user can add and remove people from the group, modify their group permissions, create or delete group events, set reminders, upload attachments and delete the group.

This user can read group chats as well as post chats and attachments to the group. They are unable to create events or modify user permissions.

This user only has the ability to read chats posted to the group but is unable to post chats or attachments.

Whats more, only members can access group and event details, there’s no web address to be found, it won’t appear in Google/search results.

time to get involved! so....wanaCHAT?